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The Adventure Begins

When you first step off the plane after arriving in Rome you are overwhelmed with the warm Mediterranean sun and the loud shouts in Italian. After clearing Customs, you reach the main terminal and are immediately serenaded with the smell of pizza and pasta—and you now realize the real adventure has begun!  After a long flight with airplane food anything sounds appetizing, but these smells make your mouth water.  So you buy an overpriced slice of pizza and think it is the best you’ve ever had, but as your journey goes on, you learn how much better it can get.  But what this first experience has just taught you is that pizza in Italy is nothing like what you have ever tasted and that eating will never again be the same!

That was my first experience in Italy and is one I treasure because I learned that one dish can be made with the same three ingredients but taste vastly different. What I ate at the airport, then in Rome, and in America are all considered pizza, but clear distinctions in quality can be made.  So I set out to order my favorite pizza in each city I visited and I could taste differences even though the same ingredients were used.  It is the quality of the ingredients that distinguishes the airport pizza from the ones I had at the small, family-run pizza shop on a side street in Rome and in the finest pizzerias throughout the city.

This is the reason why Santisi exists.  Santisi is here to help you recapture that special experience with real Italian food, giving you the highest quality, most authentic ingredients.  If you want to impress your friends by cooking a delicious meal, it does not have to be difficult.  All you need to do is prepare it with authentic, quality ingredients and they will think you are a culinary genius.  Like my experience at the airport taught me, the outcome of a dish is more than the list of ingredients used, it’s the quality of those ingredients that matters.  Vicidomini Pasta is made with only two ingredients, but the quality is the best and the process to make the pasta has been perfected over six generations.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to be right. The trick it to use ingredients that don’t need much done to them. Let the flavors speak for themselves.

While cooking with Mario Vicidomini, I learned that authentic Italian cuisine is actually quite easy.  There are not a lot of ingredients nor complicated cooking techniques. The whole dish can take only 45 minutes to make and it tastes amazing!  We took some asparagus and steamed them in garlic and olive oil and served it with Parmesan cheese and Eliche pasta, all products which are available at Santisi. It was quick and easy, but tasted better than what you would get at many fine restaurants.  It is not difficult to make food delicious when you use authentic ingredients.

Next time you have a dinner party, instead of using your same old ingredients or ordering out or having it catered, try using products from Santisi to make a dish that will be delicious and nutritious—and sure to impress your friends.   Santisi makes authentic Italian easy!