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Anellini is a tiny, round shape used in soup or broth.

Cooking Time:  5 – 7 Minutes

Net Weight: 500g

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Pastificio Vicidomini is the oldest continually operating family owned pasta factory in Italy. Since its start in 1812 the Vicidomini family has been producing artisan pasta with only two ingredients: durum wheat semolina from Altamura, Puglia and mountain spring water. The pasta is extruded through bronze dyes giving it a rough exterior perfect for absorbing sauce. The pasta is dried by natural air for 3 to 5 days; no heat is used to preserve nutrients and flavor. Italian chefs from the finest restaurants have been demanding this pasta from generations and it is sold at high end retailers across Italy.

Anellini is a tiny, ring shaped pasta that is commonly used in soups or baked dishes. In Sicily Annelini al Forno is a classic baked pasta dish, pairing annelli with a ragu sauce, peas, and cheese.

Cooking Time:  5 – 7 Minutes

Net Weight: 500g

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