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La Cerignola di Una Volta Vegetables

Asparagus, mushrooms, eggplant, and many more are used regularly to add nutrition and, more importantly, flavor to dishes in Italian cooking. While nothing beats walking out into the warm Mediterranean air to the market down the block, that isn’t always an option. Whether it be because where you live doesn’t have a suitable market or you’re craving asparagus in the middle of winter jars of vegetables are often used. But not all jars are equal. There is a range of quality from cheap, mass produced to high end, hand packed vegetables. Cerignola vegetables are always packed fresh and are sure to be delicious in your dish!

La Cerignola di Una Volta is a family owned company from the town of Cerignola, in the region of Puglia. Only the highest quality vegetables are selected from local producers to ensure the best product is made. The vegetables are then hand packed in jars of sunflower oil to preserve freshness. Products include: artichokes, peppers, olives, mushrooms, garlic and sun dried tomatoes along with a line of vegetable pâtés. The jars are pasteurized and then hand labeled. This is not a huge operation with machines doing the majority of the work, but rather a small operation with people packing the product. This ensures that what you are getting has been inspected by someone for quality and freshness.

With these vegetables you are able to get the freshness of the market in your own home. The jars are perfect for an antipasto, pairing excellently with cured meats and cheeses. The sun dried tomatoes make a delicious sauce for pasta and the mushrooms go great on a salad. They are even great for eating right out of the jar!

The video below shows the workers hand filling peppers with tuna in their factory in Cerignola, Puglia.