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Italian Experience Now in America

Geneva Piergiovanni is a Business Economics student at Grove City College with a passion for cooking, specifically Italian food, and upon graduating hopes to work in the food industry. In August she will be traveling to Florence for the semester to study international business and Italian food history. In order to prepare her for her trip this summer she will be interning at Santisi to learn about the industry and Italian culture. While working here she will be taught about authentic Italian ingredients and the process of importing them. As she learns more about Italian culture and Santisi ingredients she will be writing a blog to highlight the experiences she has here that will be continued when she travels to Italy.

If you have spent any time in Italy, your taste buds get spoiled with the amazing flavors and unadulterated ingredients that are unique to this beautiful country.  There is nothing you want more after you return than to taste another bite of that delicious pasta.  But where do you get those ingredients?  You go to the supermarket and are faced with dozens of pasta choices all claiming to be Italian. But once you cook the pasta you quickly realize, it’s not the same.   So where can you get those authentic ingredients? This is where Santisi comes in.  Only the best authentic ingredients are imported, all of which the owners have personally selected from producers they have visited to ensure authenticity. The pasta comes from the oldest pasta factory in Italy which has been in operation since 1812! But Santisi is not only for world travelers, but also for the health conscious. These ingredients are packed with vitamins and minerals that are not found in the so-called Italian ingredients at the store. They are not filled with artificial flavors or added sugars, for example the pasta is made with only semolina and mountain spring water. Any food lover would be thrilled to enhance their dishes with these ingredients.

I love to cook and after returning from one of my trips to Italy I wanted to share with my friends the recipes I learned but ran into the problem of finding authentic ingredients. I was saved when a friend of my mom’s introduced us to Santisi Imports. The shelves are packed with ingredients that take me back to those we came across in our travels throughout Italy. I was delighted that my friends could experience the flavors and dishes that I fell in love with in my travels. After my first trip to Santisi I had some friends over and cooked some Vicidomini pasta with a simple tomato sauce using Pomilia Tomatoes, they loved it. Now whenever they come over if I suggest ordering food they beg me to cook them pasta instead. I have been able to teach my friends how using authentic Italian ingredients can change the outcome of a dish. They are able to experience Italy without leaving the country and they are hooked on Santisi products. The ingredients speak for themselves; there is no comparing them to the supermarket.

In this blog, I will be giving a tour of Italy through the ingredients and recipes that are unique to each of the various regions. Delicious and nutritious recipes using pastas and other artisan ingredients will help guide the journey to understanding truly authentic Italian cuisine. All of the ingredients are available at Santisi. I invite you to join me and allow your taste buds to travel throughout Italy.  Our culinary journey will be fun and educational.  So come along and see how Santisi makes eating authentic Italian easy!